The Flag of Earth - Home

Its anthem is the wind in her trees
And the waves of her seas.

December, 2023 update: we are fully stocked with all sizes of Flags of Earth!

Welcome to the web home of the Flag of Earth.

The Flag of Earth symbolizes the Earth (the center blue disk), the Sun (the yellow disk on the left), and the Moon (the white disk on the right). The Earth and its most important celestial neighbors - the Sun and Moon - are overlaid on a backdrop of the darkness of space.

The Flag of Earth website is administered by NAAPO - the North American Astrophysical Observatory. NAAPO is a not-for-profit organization formed to run the Big Ear Radio Observatory in Delaware, Ohio, and which now runs the Ohio Argus Array.

NAAPO has received the endorsement of the family of the late James Cadle, who originally designed and marketed the Flag of Earth. James' unsold inventory of Flag of Earth flags, pins, and decals have been donated to NAAPO.

Flag of Earth donations go toward supporting the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, using the Ohio Argus Array, and also funds the Big Ear Legacy Project, and the John D. Kraus Memorial Amateur Radio Club, W8JK. For more on these projects, please see the NAAPO homepage.

To explore the Flag of Earth website, use the links at the top of each page. The Uses page suggests projects and situations where the Flag could be used. The Flown page shows where the Flag has flown. The Make page provides images of the Flag you can print on your own printer. The Order page is where Flags and other Flag of Earth items can be ordered. Finally, the Contact page provides a way to contact the NAAPO staff.

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